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SANTA CLARA, CA – May 30, 2008 – ConnectivityWeek hosted the 5th annual Buildy Awards, attracting an impressive gathering of Intelligent Building, Access Control, HVAC, Lighting, IT, Green Buildings, Intelligent Home, Industrial solution and power grid experts. During the four-day event, attendees selected the seven Buildy award winners from finalists who represent organizations and individuals who have stepped up to the challenge of integrating systems into the entire scheme of connectivity. These individuals and organizations support the vision of connected control systems in which disparate systems are seamlessly integrated together to provide greater value from a technology investment.

The winners were announced during the Awards Gala on May 22, in Santa Clara, CA. The Buildy awards program is designed to increase awareness of the benefits of smart device connectivity, integration, honor successful implementation, visionary leadership, industry initiatives and product development strategies.

Within the seven award categories—Vision, Open Initiative, Green Initiative, Best New Product, Home Connectivity Implementation, Building Connectivity Implementation and Automated Demand Response Implementation. The winners are an extraordinary list of industry leaders, solutions providers and technology developers who represent the new playing field of smart connected devices and connectivity.

Vision Award
Keith Gipson, CTO at PhoenixESG was presented the Vision award for his past and continuing contributions to the industry.

Open Initiative
The NewEnergy Alliance organization was presented the Open Initiative Award. The NewEnergy Alliance was formed as a means to better share information and help drive innovation across the BAS industry with best practices, new technologies, and advanced energy strategies to bring the economic, social and environmental benefits of demand response to every building that has a building automation system.

Green Initiative
Google Mountain Campus by Richards-Zeta was presented the Green Initiative Award. Google is committed to being carbon-neutral for 2007 and beyond and in order to honor this pledge they took a three-step approach. First, they increased the energy efficiency of their own operations. Second, they actively pursued the use and creation of clean and renewable sources of electricity. Third, for the emissions they cannot reduce directly at this time, they have invested in projects that help offset the carbon generated.

Best New Product
Advanced Control Systems (ACS) was presented the Best New Product for their FASTapps™ product. Since roll out in early 2007, FASTapps has been deployed to improve the reliability and quality of electric power delivery for thousands of consumers at PPL and Oklahoma Gas and Electric, with several other utilities now in early stages of review and deployment.

Home Connectivity Implementation
GridPoint and Duke Energy were presented the Home Connectivity Award for “Smart Charging” for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The GridPoint pilot with Duke Energy generated positive results from what is believed to be the first commercial test of utility-controlled “smart charging” for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). GridPoint SmartGrid Platform™ successfully controlled, measured and verified the charging of a PHEV parked in a residential garage.

Building Connectivity Implementation
GridLogix was presented the Building Connectivity Implementation Award for their Battery Warf implementation. Battery Wharf is part of Boston’s historic North End. Built over the water of Boston Harbor, this unique four building complex is comprised of condos, retail and the Regent Boston at Battery Wharf hotel.

Automated Demand Response Implementation
Akuacom was presented the Automated Demand Response Implementation Award for their DRAS installation. The DRAS was designed in conjunction with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) through the PIER Demand Response Research Center (DRRC). PIER is the Public Interest Energy Research Program at the California Energy Commission. The California Auto-DR projects in use today are a collaborative effort between Akuacom, the DRRC, Global Energy Partners (GEP), and the IOUs.


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